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PAIKKA Cool Bowl


YOUR PROBLEM: Your dog would rather drink from the toilet or from a puddle outdoors. Pets like to drink fresh water, but you're not always there to provide it for them.


OUR SOLUTION: The awarded PAIKKA Cool Bowl keeps water fresh and cool for a prolonged period of time. This encourages pets to drink more and stay hydrated. This is very important, especially when the weather gets hot. 


PAIKKA Cool Bowls are made of cooling ceramics, using a patented production method. Soak the bowl under water for 45 seconds to active the cooling effect. This helps to keep the water and food fresh and also to reduce bacterial growth. Cooling bowls are also a great help when you need to defrost raw food ina controlled manner.



The bowl measures 6 inches across, and 2.6 inches high



  • Beautiful Scandinavian design
  • Cool Bowls encourage pets to drink more, they stay hydrated and healthy
  • Unique material keeps the bowl cool for hours without external power source. All you need is tap water.
  • Handmade, patented production method




The bowl is made of LFGB and FDA tested and approved ceramics material

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