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Dusty Rose Collar Adornment

PriceFrom $38.00

Heads will turn as you stroll through town with the Dusty Rose Collar Adornment. Made of 100% chrome-free leather, this pairs perfectly with the Dusty Rose Collar. 



The Dusty Rose Collar Adornment pairs perfectly with the Dusty Rose Leash, the Dusty Rose Collar, the Dusty Rose Scarf, and the Dusty Rose Fringe Dress!



1.75" across

2.5" across




To ensure that leather accessories maintain their original appearance and quality, we recommend avoiding direct exposure to water and, if possible, not using them in nurseries or schools. To clean the leather use a damp cloth and let the product air dry. You can apply a little moisturizer to prevent it from drying out. Some colors may fade or transfer to other surfaces if used when wet.

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