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Everything Desired

The Paw Prince St.Petersburg Logo
Dog in Luxury Fur Coat

Paw Prince

Everything desired, nothing needed. Offering products of absolute luxury, The Paw Prince is unrivaled in the pampering of our furry friends. 

The Paw Prince in Luxury Leather Jacket
Puppy with Suede Diamond Bow
Puppies showcassing Nautical brand products


The Nautical Collection is a complete set from leash to scarf curated together to celebrate the yacht lifestyle.

Dog wearing Blue Scarf
Puppies in Blue Scarf and Collar


For the good of all things furry. The Fur Collection at The Paw Prince is dedicated to luxury with a quality you can see and feel.

Pup wearing Fur Coat
Dog in Vegan Fur Jacket
Dog with Diamond Bow


This curated collection of bows will have your friend being the talk of the town. Downtown style meets legendary fashion.

Puppy in Fancy Pink Dress
Dog with Pink Diamond Bo
Dog in Fur Jacket


The Club at The Paw Prince is a highly custom dog and human collection of matching t-shirts. Click the link below to sign up for product launch.

Pup in Fur Collar Coat
Ruth and Puppies Model Leather Jackets
Dog held wearing Fancy Collar


The Diamond Collection holds our most highly sought after gems. This collection exemplifies the Paw Prince mantra, Everything desired, nothing needed. 

Pup Model Diamond Shirt
Fancy Pink dress on Toy


Celebrate the Christmas season with our collection of festive hats, costumes, and more.

The Paw Prince Logo
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